Technology Trends for Trade Shows

Immediate Engagement With Your Potential New Client

With the explosion of various technologies, the development of robust apps and endless social media channels, getting the word out is instantaneous from your show location.

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IGM Creative Group awarded Tum-E Yummies email marketing

Tum-E Yummies is manufactured by BYB Brands, Inc. and distributed through the Coca-Cola Bottling network. It is a youth drink for ages 5 to 14 and comes in several delicious fruit flavors.

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NJ 2-1-1

IGM Creative Group awarded NJ211 website and information portal

Every state throughout the United States is allowed a 211 emergency system for pubic and group information. The 211 processes must keep all accurate information and systems running smoothly without downtime and minimal errors.

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Garden State Wine Grower’s Association

Garden State Wine Growers Association Website and Mobile App

New Jersey’s largest organization of private wineries has engaged IGM Creative Group to build
its website and mobile Passport Program for public use.

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Google Analytics

5 Custom Google Analytic Reports to Save You Time

We use Google Analytics in order to track website metrics. We want to see who is visiting out website, where they are coming from, and what they are doing once they’ve found us. Google gives us the ability to do just that, but the information tracking capability of Google Analytics is vast and can be confusing.

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