Business Meeting Creativity Ideas

Here are a few creative suggestions to kick start a constructive and interactive meeting.

Colors – Since a meeting is usually formal, one needs to add a little bit of color to it to make it vibrant. Ensure that colors are used for flip charts and boards in order to break the usual black and white trend which leads to boredom during presentations.

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Great Ideas for Newsletter Content

Here are some great ideas for writing that perfect newsletter:
Examine your newsletter – While sending out a newsletter, you must always ensure that your newsletter brings you a positive response. Daily viewing of how many hits and clicks it gets, customer views, opinions and response as well as emails and reader preferences is always to be kept an eye on.

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google alerts

Google Alerts: “Monitor the Web for Interesting New Content”

Google Alerts is certainly a useful service for Internet users, but it is an invaluable resource for businesses. It gives you the opportunity to receive notifications for keyword phrases of your choice from news, web, blogs, video and discussion groups

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