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Email Marketing 101

Reaching a sea of prospective clients or customers via email can be a very efficient strategy for marketing a business, but the boundaries between being professional and disreputable are vague.

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IGM Creative Group Partners with IDT Express

Lincoln Park, N.J., June 11, 2019 – IGM Creative Group, a multifaceted advertisement agency located in New Jersey, has united with IDT Express just this April. IDT Express is a division within the widely-acclaimed wholesale VoIP provider, IDT Telecom.

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Gaining a true mindset for better marketing

With so many of us glued to our smartphones and devices throughout the day, it is no wonder why the marketing industry is bursting with creative new strategies to promote businesses. Walk into any marketing agency, and you will notice a massive team of specialized employees buzzing around the office, bouncing brilliant ideas off of each other and tapping away at their computers.

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