The Best Advertising Venues for a Small Business

Small business advertising is deemed as an art and a science. For a considerable period of time, the conventional wisdom in advertising circles is that the key to advertising is simplicity. A good advertisement is one that carries a simple idea that is put across in the most straightforward fashion.

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Tips for Effectively Employing Social Media to Gain New Market Leads

Merely putting up a site won't guarantee a steady stream of visitors.

There are marketers who merely send one-way messages to their key customers - prospective or existing - and await feedback. Such passive actions won't work in today's highly competitive corporate environment.

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2014: The Year Everything Changed & Became the Same!

Welcome to 2014! We are almost half way through the year and already major changes are occurring in the social media world. Facebook has updated their news feed algorithm, LinkedIn has removed their Products & Services tab, Google + has emerged as a major platform in the social media world, and recently the layout for Twitter profiles has changed.

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