What is Corporate Branding? And why is it so critical?

While I'm not really sure of exactly how the word 'branding' was born, I assume it came from 'branding' as it applies to cows. For those who've only seen cows in pictures or on TV - farmers heat a piece of iron that has a marking - maybe initials of the farm name - and press it onto the skin of their cows. This gives their cows an 'identity', and no one else can claim it to be theirs.

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7 Ideas for Newsletter Content

Here are some great ideas for writing that perfect newsletter:

1. Examine your newsletter - While sending out a newsletter, you must always ensure that your newsletter brings you a positive response. Daily viewing of how many hits and clicks it gets, customer views, opinions and response as well as emails and reader preferences is always to be kept an eye on. Go that extra mile to see what part of your content do readers like - phrases, search engine words, popular sections in your website etc

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