Link Building for Local Search

I never really thought of local link building as its own unique specialty until a comment on the 2012 Link Building With The Experts really made that sink in.
With the recent mass confusion over unnatural link warnings in Google’s Webmaster Tools, I noticed that loads of small business owners were frantically asking questions about what they should do.

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What you need to know about Google’s Panda 4.2 update

This week Google rolled out a new refresh update to its search engine algorithm being dubbed Panda 4.2.

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Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy and watch your sales improve vastly. Take your marketing campaign to the next level with a comprehensive Social Media marketing plan from IGM Creative Group.

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5 Best Tools for SEO to Help Optimize Your Company’s Web Presence

The most important principle of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is ensuring that the elements of your website content are recognizable by users and search engines alike.

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Facebook Ad Campaigns: It Pays to be LIKED

Creating ads on Facebook presents businesses with unrivaled targeting capability and the opportunity to put your company on display in the place where everyone is hanging out online

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