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How is technology shaping customer experience at hotels and resorts?

The hospitality industry aims to guarantee customers a unique experience around the world. Each customer has certain expectations that hotels and resorts try to fulfill. As a tourist, one wants to relax and be entertained and therefore is willing to spend money and take time off from work. However, this industry is realizing that with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), they no longer need to manage customer expectations because technology means anything is possible. Given time and resources, hospitality industry leaders can make anything happen.

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IGM Creative Group President, Jay Stack, was interviewed in RoboFYI National Quarterly Publication

The unmanned security expo debuted at the International Security Conference & Expo (ISC West) in Las Vegas, April 2017. It greatly helped the electronic security industry’s already highest profile trade show soar to a record number of more than 30,000 participants. Robolliance, a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance, and security, created to advance the understanding and awareness of the autonomous robotics marketplace, served as one of the four primary USE supporters.

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Center For Non Profits

IGM Creative Group attends the 2017 NJ Non-Profit Conference

IGM Creative Group is a local company based out of NJ, offering advertising solutions, marketing strategy, and web development for Fortune 500, mid-market and small businesses. IGM’s President and CEO, Jay Stack is a firm believer of working with and for non-profit organizations. “We take pride in working with non-profit organizations because of the important work these organizations do whether it’s fighting hunger, providing vital information about available resources, or trying to revitalize a downtown area to promote business,” said Stack.

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