The Merging of Marketing and AI

Robotics is here to stay. Look around you and you will find that AI has infiltrated every aspect of our human culture from video games to home servants, from security to the way we drive our car. It has become an integral part of our everyday life. It has also become an integral part of our professional life. You will find technological advances in manufacturing, medicine, sports and many other professions, including marketing.

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How Robots Will Change Marketing at Trade Shows and Conferences

Whatever industry you are in, a business professional knows trade shows. Yet whatever role you play–attendee, educator, exhibitor, sponsor–you should know marketing at trade shows is changing. Exhibit booths and showroom floors are going high tech.

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Artificial Intelligence Shouldn’t Be Feared

Science fiction movies and novels have been harbingers of future dystopias ruled by malevolent artificial intelligence, but when it comes to business, artificial intelligence (AI) should be embraced, not feared. AI's role in the future of product design and marketing communications is bright.

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Building Emotional Connections with Our Audience Through Robotics

Artificial intelligence (“AI”), that convincingly mimics the behavior of humans, may seem like advanced technology from the distant future, but current AI is already a powerful influence on marketing communications and product design. The ultimate marketing goal for front-facing departments within a wide range of companies, albeit retail stores to reception desks, is to offer consumers personalized interactions that create lasting relationships, which generate continual sales and sustained loyalty. With AI, these relationships are no longer relegated to human interactions alone. I believe that artificial intelligence, augmenting the human efforts, shows enormous potential for brands.

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