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In-person trade shows and expos are on the rise now that the Covid threats have diminished. With a return to normalcy, companies are once again considering trade shows as they have always been an endless source of new business generation. For many businesses, it has been a few years since they last attended a trade show. And time to dust off the old booth and see if its style and messaging create a value proposition that will attract their target audience.

Presenting at a trade show is a great way to create brand awareness, promote new products and services, and generate leads for your business. There is no better way to build relationships with a prospect or existing customer than meeting in person to discuss how your products and services meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

So now you have reviewed the old booth and realized it is not your best foot forward for your next exhibition. Should you invest in a custom booth or go with a rental and create a few new banners? Many companies are pondering this same question, while others are increasing their 2023 trade show budgets. If your budget has increased, great; if not, you may need to convince a few executives above you why a new custom booth is a worthwhile investment.

1. Make an unforgettable first impression.

Building relationships and credibility in a market takes time. The good news is that first impressions count! Seven seconds is all it takes to make a lasting first impression. An excellent first impression is memorable, and a bad one is difficult at best to overcome. As a marketer, you want to do everything possible to make your exhibit stand out and wow the crowd. That memorable first impression provided by a tailor-made booth that personifies your brand can lead to a positive connection or sale.

2. Set your brand apart from the competition.

Bring your brand to life and rise above the competition with a powerful trade show booth design that offers a valuable visitor experience. A custom display, branded from the inside out, will visually define your business and ensure that attendees recognize your brand voice and how to connect with you. Branding is one of the most effective marketing strategies to connect with a target audience.

Now let’s talk about that valuable visitor experience. New technology, such as interactive multi-touch applications, can streamline the complete trade show process while making for a much more exciting client experience. With multi-touch technology, you can learn the exact preferences of your target audience because they touch what they like—allowing you to collect and send data from user interactive experiences to any platform for analytics and marketing.

3. Attract and engage your target market.

There are many different channels to advertise a business in today’s market. Experiential marketing is one method brands use to connect with a target audience face-to-face through unforgettable experiences. A custom trade show exhibit creates the perfect environment to engage with your ideal customer. Companies that can create emotional, personal experiences can connect with their customers on a whole new level, thus increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

In some industries, trade show season has already begun. If this article speaks to your business needs, reach out to us at IGM Creative Group, we can help you design your unforgettable trade show booth.

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