To begin with, microsites are compact, informative and targeted websites. They advertise a specific product or elaborate on a specific piece of information. For a consumer, they can assist in product purchasing whereas for a business owner, it may be used as a marketing tool. Customers do not spend ample amount of time on microsites as its goal is to capture your attention for a few minutes. Microsites are concise, practical, and sometimes flashy. This guide will help you learn about what microsites are all about. 


Step 1
Think about a specific product or service and as to how you would feature this product or service. Now focus on the product, but do not forget about the brand. This is what a microsite does; it focuses a user’s attention on a specific product or service and still generates brand recall.
Step 2
Understand the marketing aspect. Microsites are used in conjunction with trade shows, releases, debuts, and other important events. Microsites take relatively less time in development and are more cost-efficient than large-scale web applications. They help the target audience in recollecting a particular brand. If the product or service already exists, the marketing initiative of a new feature or aspect is undertaken by a microsite.
Step 3
Determine the necessity for dynamic versus static nature of the product. Depending on the product, some microsites need to be dynamic. An example of this would be a microsite about a new movie. It would be considered essential to show previews, clips, cast members, wallpaper downloads, etc. Some microsites only require static information to be displayed; for example, a non-for-profit organization that is a part of a bigger corporate entity. The presentation of the microsite changes according to the nature of the product.
Step 4
Look at the bigger picture. Microsites are related to a bigger product or brand. Other than smaller companies or brands, microsites always have tie-ups with established brands. For example, Audi has a microsite featuring the R8 car which is a part of the Audi brand. Audi wanted to feature a site on that car in particular which in turn draws viewers to the official site and thereby, other models of the brand.
Step 5
Browse through big-brand websites. Car dealerships, consumer goods, and technology companies often use microsites to advertise a product or service.

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