Science fiction movies and novels have been harbingers of future dystopias ruled by malevolent artificial intelligence, but when it comes to business, artificial intelligence (AI) should be embraced, not feared. AI’s role in the future of product design and marketing communications is bright.

Current and Future

Building personalized, lasting connections with consumers is a highly sought after goal among marketing professionals, and AI is already helping create these connections by mining consumer data on phones, cars, and computers for trends. This type of AI, known as narrow intelligence, is just the beginning when it comes to advertising.

When AI reaches human-level brain intelligence, the ability to mimic sentience, rational thought, and even emotion will allow robots to help humans in innovative ways. A brand can then use this power to improve the lives of customers, in turn earning trust and building long-lasting relationships.

It’s understandable that some people may be concerned about the future of AI, but brands that use robots to benefit mankind are likely to connect with consumers the most. Machines can process far more data than any human, and the things they learn can be used to make daily life easier for everyone.  Take for example smart homes that you can control by talking to a robot that you’ve set up to stimulate human intelligence (like the computer that plays Chess) or your smartphone’s personal assistant.

Improving Lives 

Imagine a smartphone application that can intelligently recommend a married couple a restaurant based on their unique tastes and personalities, or a friendly kiosk at a department store that can suggest the perfect gift by simply asking a few questions.

Brands that are able to connect with consumers now with less sophisticated robotics will earn even greater trust with their target demographics when truly intelligent robots begin entering the business world. It can take time for people to accept robots as part of their everyday life, but once they do, they rarely go back to the old ways of doing things. If a brand places itself in an important strategic position using the latest advancements in AI, it will find itself in an indispensable position with consumers.

Embracing Change

Fearing a future with smart robots can prevent brands from taking advantage of monumental changes in the marketplace. A company in the past that feared computers, electricity, or industrialization was doomed to fail, and the future shift to human-like intelligence in robotics will be no different. Brands that are using or looking for immediate ways to integrate AI into their marketing strategy will be ready for future success.

Designers, engineers, programmers, and other professionals who start to use robotics powered by artificial intelligence may now be able to connect with consumers in exciting ways in the future.

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