avoiding-the-conference-organizers-worse-nightmare The success of a conference is directly proportional to the number of people who attend. Having an expensive subject expert’s voice echoing in an empty room is a conference organizer’s worst nightmare. So, here’s how to ensure you don’t wake up to one.   

Identify your target market: Just as with the marketing of any other product or service, the first step is defining what the conference offers, identifying the market segment or the people who would be interested, and then promoting the event to such potential customers.

Give your target market the right reason to attend: When organizing a conference, the challenge lies in making a person drop something else, and attend. Now, it is necessary to identify the value you provide and communicate it effectively. A conference for farmers? Communicate aspects like harvesting better produce, or a debate on GM crops. An SEO conference? Maybe the communication could highlight a speaker from Google, or an entrepreneur who SEO-ed his way to profits.

Coach your reasons very clearly: While a convenient timing and venue are an important part of the plan and must be communicated clearly, they do not form the core of your messaging. In other words, it must not crowd out the main message. Use email newsletters and e-brochures (cost effective mediums) to create well-crafted messages. Brochures given to key people and influencers also go a long way in generating a positive buzz.

Don’t forget print media: Those with the budget can also go for a print media ad or campaign. Here, the timing is critical – too early and prospects may forget, but too close to the conference date, and people may not be able to plan for it. This decision depends on your audience and the conference.

Of course, get social: Contests, give away prizes, early bird discounts – announce them via your social media. Use the word-of-mouth power of social media to create a buzz around your conference. Post updates constantly about speakers, topics, events, freebies. Lure them to your landing page so they can sign up immediately.

Today, with the information overload around, it helps to have an experienced agency handcraft your pre-conference strategy. At IGM, we know what it takes to get your message out in the right manner, to the right audience. We offer professional conference support that includes booth design, email newsletters, print media services, brochure services, flier services and more. So if you’ve got a conference on your mind, do get in touch.

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