Best Email Marketing Trends Implementing the latest email marketing best practices for small business can save a company a great deal of money while improving the return on investment of marketing costs. Below are some of the new technologies and best practices that you can implement without increasing your overhead.

One – Variable data expands email marketing exponentially.

Variable data gives a personalized touch to a generic email by adding the personal information of a recipient. To the untrained eye, there is no difference between an email list that has been generated by a variable data software package and a group of emails that has been sent one by one to each recipient. The technique is highly effective as people feel as though they are receiving personal communication.

Two – Multimedia in emails is highly effective.

The world is becoming more and more visual. Also, you can get more information into an entertaining video than you ever can with web copy. The most successful email campaigns include video that is entertaining as well as informative.

Three – Newsletters, not emails!

The more that you can allow your correspondence to be viewed as an informative newsletter and less like an email, the more successful your campaign will be. People do not like being spam mailed; however, these same people are more than willing to opt into a newsletter if they feel as though it has value. Your small business should have a newsletter instead of an email campaign.

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