Are you getting lost trying to keep track of all the Tweets you need to compose for Google+? Likes you need to receive on Twitter? Endorsements you would like to gain on Instagram? The world of social media can be a very tiring place. That is why we are here to help!

Whether you are just starting out on LinkedIn or consider yourself a pro, these tips can help you optimize your company’s page to reach your full potential. We have all been in the position before; we create our company page, formulate a few posts and “snap!” Tons of traffic to our page, interaction on our posts, tremendous growth in our follower base, am I right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case! Just creating a LinkedIn company page and sprinkling in a few posts here and there will not create LinkedIn fame and fortune. Optimizing your company page with intriguing, original, and interactive information is important to gain traffic, followers, and engagement on your LinkedIn company page.

Are you still teetering on joining and staying active on LinkedIn? If you are concerned your potential or existing clientele is not on LinkedIn here are some quick statistics that might sway your decision:

  • There are over 200 million LinkedIn users
  • 2 new users join LinkedIn every second
  • 40% of the users on LinkedIn log on to the website daily

Now that we have given you these informative statistics on LinkedIn, let’s get down to business on how to optimize your company’s page!

Tip 1: Using your Profile and Banner Images!

LinkedIn_Company_Overview_Image_Blog These two are usually the first areas a visitor to your company’s page sees! Using the right images here is key! A picture is worth a thousand words; with these two photos, a visitor begins to access the benefits of following your company.

The company logo should be located in the profile image position. Your company logo is the face of the business so it only makes sense that it would be placed in the profile picture position! Future and existing consumers recognize your logo from your products or past interaction with your company. If it is one of the first items they see when arriving on your page, it will assure them they have reached their destination!
The banner image should encompass your brand or give your visitor a Call-To-Action. If you are going to include a Call-To-Action in this image make a direct action and one of benefit so your visitor is more inclined to take the steps your asking. Showcase a new product or service to here as a teaser to draw in your visitor.

Tip 2: Use your Company Overview to the full potential! LinkedIn_Services_Section_Image_Blog

This is your elevator pitch! You have brief moments to illustrate to the visitor; who you are, the products or services you can provide, and why it is beneficial for them to follow/interact with your company! Influencing your visitor to follow is important with how social media plays a role in the buying funnel now.

Use this space to trigger the visitor and notify them of your company. Remember you can also alter and change this section to test different approaches!

Tip 3: Show your Company’s Specialties!

Your company specializes in a particular product or service; promote this on your page! This is where you can stand out from the competition. Mentioning your company’s specialties along with your products or services will provide the visitor the information they need to assess what your company does! If your company has a wide variety of specialties do not hesitate to list them all here. Is this case less is not more!

Tip 4: Utilize the product and services section!

You have now triggered the interest of the visitor with your images and company overview, it is time to show what you can provide for them! This is a great place to showcase important products or services. Display your innovative products or exceptional service to the visitor to add value to your company page. Why stop with a simple image of your products or services? You can upload videos to this section as well to keep your visitors engaged with the page. Make a short video or use an existing one that can show the value of your products or services.

Tip 5: Keep a constant flow of posts on your page!

It is time to get active on your company page! Simply having a company page is not enough for future and existing consumers to follow or interact with your page. Staying active and posting daily with show that you are willing and available to interact with your followers when they are online. Keep the content you post on your company page relevant to your industry or company. Posting information or images on topics outside of the field you work in, may confuse your followers causing them to disconnect with your company’s page.

Now that you have some basic tips on how to optimize your company page, it is time to perform! Keep in mind when updating or creating your company page; “If I were a visitor what would I want to see?” Be precise and clear with the information you share with your visitors.

How have you use LinkedIn as a lead generator? We would love to hear your experiences with LinkedIn company page or your company’s page!

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