When targeting Generation Z and today’s student population there are a few guidelines to better understand their brand loyalty and digital habits

Generation Z’s, also known as the post-millennials, were born in the late 1990s to early 2000s and range from high school and college students to those recently entering the workforce. Their attention is constantly focused on the impact of the internet and their social media networks. Marketing to this group is challenging. Smart marketers are continually building a variety of strategies to connect and build long term relationships. However, to embrace these strategies marketers must place themselves in the mind of the student.

Who is Generation Z and how are they different from other generations?

Youth Social Media Technology Lifestyle Concept

Generation Z (Gen Z), also known as the Youth Market, are considered to be the social media experts of our modern society. As consumers, they are known for being problem solvers, having self-awareness, being self-reliant and entrepreneurial, innovative, and goal-orientated in a fast-paced environment.

They grew up in a digital world, educating themselves with online resources, adapting to web-based research and retaining information from social media. These students place a priority on how fast you can obtain information versus reflecting on its accuracy. When making major purchases the Gen Z population will do so online and via their smartphones, relying on interactions with friends and family for their opinion and expertise. They believe that the internet is not an addition to life but a fundamental part of life. These students are very different than any generation in today’s society. They are more diverse than Millennials, having a different experience with technology that affects every area of their life.

How to build a relationship with Generation Z

Brand marketers must develop diverse interactive strategies to connect with Gen Z. It is imperative that such strategies are built to grab their attention, allowing them to understand the benefits it holds for them while keeping it real. In order to build a long-lasting relationship with this powerful group of consumers, smart marketers must understand that the virtual world is the reality of Gen Z. This group can be a puzzle and understanding the affinity between the online personalities within the social network is vital to solving it.

Marketing strategies for the Generation Z population

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To connect with Generation Z, marketers must find the correct combination of marketing strategies. Gen Z relies predominantly on social media to interact, be entertained by, or learn about brands and services targeting them online. Gen Z students are attracted to media banners and videos to explore and engage with product information. Brands must place significant investments in an online presence to reach this audience, which is the fastest growing in both workforce and marketplace.

Generation Z’s are the first to rely heavily on their mobile devices. The convenience of shopping, browsing, and communicating make this vehicle a priority for marketers. Leaving the house without a cell phone is simply not an option for Gen Z. Building functional applications must be a key piece of a marketing strategy. Other marketing tools to focus on may include direct mail, television and magazine advertising, entertainment marketing, music marketing, event marketing, sports marketing, and product sampling.


As marketers grow to understand the relationship between Generation Z and how they interact with technology, they will reap the benefits of their powerful purchasing and decision making habits and will build a lasting rapport based on trust and loyalty.

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