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Is your website captivating your audience and keeping them engaged?

A business website is the public face of a company. It is the brand’s identity and one of a business’s most important sales and marketing tools. Whether your traffic is referred, direct, or organic, you want your visitors to remain engaged and easily find what they need so they convert.

While working on your marketing budget, it is a good idea to put your site through the paces and see if it is doing the job it was intended to do, attracting and converting visitors. If your bounce rate is high and your visitors don’t stick around, there could be design and messaging issues to resolve. And if that is the case, it may be time to review your site and see if it has become dated or the messaging has become stale.

As fast as technologies change, it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Be sure your site handles all the screen types your ideal customer might use. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than not finding what they need quickly and easily. Compelling content and seamless navigation create a positive user experience; these days, it’s all about the user experience. Otherwise, they are soon off to the next site.

How does your website stack up to your competition? Periodically visit your competitors’ sites and see if it is comparable or if they have a leg up on you. These days more powerful home page messages, engaging content, or simplified navigation can be the difference between a new customer and a lost sale.

At IGM Creative Group, we specialize in website design and development; we are award-winning digital marketing specialists. Whether you need to update your messaging or require a modern look and feel, we are here to help! Schedule a free consult or give us a call. We can review and analyze your site and determine how to set you apart from your competition and best sell your brand.

Still, trying to figure it out? Review our work and see examples of our creative, high-end development style.

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