It should always be of vital importance that your presentation at conference is in tip-top shape.
So let’s go over some things to consider when planning your presentation. We think the two components that are a must-have are stories that hit home with your audience and the technology that will deliver them.

igm-creative-group-presentation-conference First. Make sure you are clear on what story you want to tell and message you want to convey. Come out with your Big Idea and connect it to a story or narrative that would directly relate to what you do as a company. Below are some tips for storytelling that will help get you on your way.
  • Use Pictures and Video of real people – Seeing real people will reinforce authenticity.
  • Introduce Conflict – This will allow the audience to become inspired by people who overcome challenges.
  • Use Statistics your audience can understand – Your statistics will add a sense of realism to your point, but your audience must understand the data.
  • Come from the heart – Presenting just facts is boring, the presentation needs to show why you are passionate about what you do and why they should be too.

The best presenters are storytellers at heart because they understand how powerful stories are told. The history of storytelling is ancient and there is a reason we’ve been using this medium for so long — because it is effective.

Using traditional presentation software are all well and good, but if you want to stay current or stand out to your audience you will need to tell your story with the latest tools in technology. Below you’ll find important components for your presentation with examples of cross-platform (can be used on all devices) applications that can be used to execute them:

Presentations and Slide Shows:

PowerPoint / Keynote – These presentation software applications are evolving and can be displayed on multiple devices.

Prezi – Prezi is a great alternative to PowerPoint or Keynote. Rather than displaying linear slideshows, you have the ability to “zoom in” to parts of the image where you can present images, motion and text.

Great Visuals & Graphics:

Canva – With Canva, you can design posters, flyers, infographics, and more.

Piktochart – Piktochart is very similar to Canva, allowing you to create flyers, reports, infographics, and presentations. They are particularly great with infographics.


Youtube – Youtube is the most popular video service for a reason. Some new features include new live streaming improvements, ability to link video to other channels, and their new Creator Academy Community discusses tips for successful youtubing.

Vine Loop – is changing the way people make and share videos in the social media world. Vine allows 6 second videos to be looped per post.

Side Note:  You may want to show a small company trailer at the beginning of your presentation to set a nice tone. Here is an example of our Logo Animation.

Utilizing just a few of these tips for your conference presentation will undoubtedly give you a leg up on the competition this year. So dive in and enjoy the learning experience!

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