Meeting face-to-face is still greatly valued in business.
At your next conference, trade show, or event it’s crucial to get face time with attendees.  If you are going to turn that steady flow of guests into a traffic pattern that leads to your area of display, you must go beyond manning a flashy booth. You must create an irresistible experience.  Here’s how: 

Think Outside the Booth

Prior to the conference, communicate with your target audience by launching a marketing campaign specific to the event. Whether through email or online ads, communicate with your audience and build excitement. Utilize social sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to get people both aware and interested in dropping by your booth. Remember, it’s important that attendees can easily find your location, so do not leave it to chance. Design your exhibit booth to capture the attention of anyone who attends, but also communicate your specific location through your pre-conference campaign. gaming_experience

Networking Opportunities

Your success will also depend on your ability to create networking opportunities. You may wish to host an event prior to the conference. This facilitates social interaction across attendees and amplifies your presence beyond the event.

If you don’t have a budget for ancillary conference events, be resourceful.  Do your homework, researching what interesting, low- or no-cost activities are happening near the conference.  Create a campaign promoting some local points of interest and organize a gathering.

Utilize the Conference Location

Utilize the space in the entire conference location. This may include advertising the location of your booth at the entrance, the food counter, and even in the bathrooms (with permission, of course). Taking advantage of high-traffic areas for both positioning. Lastly offer attendee’s incentives to visit your booth. 

Engaging Presentation
Booth_GH_redux Nobody is going to remember your exhibit booth unless you provide an engaging presentation. Whether you do a live demo or conduct a survey, the key to your success requires participation from your audience. Create scenarios that encourage engagement and interaction.

Immediate Follow-Up

Your conference will fail to deliver your business any value if you fail to follow up with attendees. Most conferences provide exhibitors with a post-conference attendee list. Utilize this list to follow up with each attendee as well as those who visited your booth. You may even wish to send out a survey to those who paid you a visit. It’s a great way to stay in touch.

Your booth is the first impression that you will create for many of your top leads all year. Having a good trade show event is especially important for small business. Below we will discuss some of the best practices for your exhibit.

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