What should you consider before sending an email

email-article Reaching a sea of prospective clients or customers via email can be a very efficient strategy for marketing a business, but the boundaries between being professional and disreputable are vague.

You probably receive hundreds of thousands of emails throughout the week, but only open and peruse a small percentage of them. Admittedly, your digital trash bin is probably brimming with pesky promotional emails for companies and organizations you just don’t have time for. So with this truth in mind, let us direct our attention to how marketers can evade sending emails campaigns that are hastily skipped and deleted by disinterested web-goers.

Firstly, any clever marketing professional should prioritize capturing leads through requesting their email straight from the company website, webinars, or any in-person interactions. By doing so, you can ensure that a person will continue to encounter provoking news about your business down the road. An email can be way more interactive than you might imagine. In addition to sending updates about your business, you can personalize emails by using the consumer’s name paired with pleasant greetings, along with targeted messages about products and services of special interest.

The importance of understanding your own intentions in crafting an email campaign cannot be understated. Are you looking to enrich the reader’s personal life with knowledge, or are you presenting a solution to a problem and explaining how your assistance is necessary? This should undoubtedly affect how you configure an email because your reason for sending should be made instantly apparent. You can also attempt to expand your pool of contacts by reducing product pricing or providing free service consolation to customers that make referrals.

In respect to formatting, marketers should be careful not to implement disingenuous subject lines and headers solely to entice, and thus mislead, readers. Moreover, you cannot promise a grand giveaway or pretend that the email is coming from a friend, just to bolster click-throughs. You must always be transparent that the email is for advertising your business, so be sure to communicate an intelligible and honest goal, along with your company’s name, logo, and address.

Lastly, it is imperative that you honor a reader’s choice to unsubscribe from your mailing list, through offering an accessible and explicit way for them to disengage. Once they have disjoined, readers should not be bombarded with any further emails regarding your business. Crafting email campaigns can be a lucrative approach to gaining, maintaining and growing a consumer base, but remember to consistently provide content that is friendly and meaningful, all the while conducting your campaigns in a respectful manner.


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