Customer_personalization Personalized marketing strategies can help you leverage your data analysis and digital technology in order to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to your current and/or prospective customers.

So what exactly is marketing personalization?

Marketing personalization, sometimes referred to as one-to-one marketing, is the practice of using data to deliver brand messages that specifically target an individual prospect or customer. This method differs from more traditional techniques like billboards, mailings and cold calling that would cast a wide net focusing on disseminating a more generic message to a broader audience.

How can my brand create a strong personalized marketing strategy?

  • Know What They Need Let’s face it, in these competitive times our customers and prospects expect us to know their needs and exceed their expectations. Therefore it is important, throughout our every touchpoint, that we know what the customer wants and exactly what they are looking for. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways from reviewing your email click throughs to more sophisticated user surveys or by utilizing targeted marketing lists.
  • Know Who They Are and Where They Have Been Through your data collection efforts, it is important to note personal information, what pages your prospects and clients have visited, documents they have downloaded and forms they have filled out on your website. There is nothing worse than receiving the wrong information or the same document they downloaded from your website a day or two earlier. This creates a bad user experience that can off put a prospect or client. Best practices include the use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that can be used to record these details and track your marketing progress.
  • Anticipate Their Next Steps If you have noted their click throughs, recorded their browsing behavior and collected personal information you have a good deal of information that can help you determine what product and or service they will be looking into next.
  • Follow Up Quickly My mother always said “Never leave till tomorrow, what you can do today.” If you sent out an email yesterday review you click throughs today and send a pertinent follow up message with a valuable suggestion on their anticipated need. It might be a SMS or personalized phone call or voicemail. If responding via email, be sure you are providing relevant content that will spark a positive reaction. Remember, too many emails in a row can cause the Unsubscribe button to be clicked.
  • Segment Your Prospect Database by Persona Define your marketing personas and develop personalized messaging for each one utilizing language that speaks to their specific needs and pain points.
  • Personalize All Correspondence Always include the person’s name in your salutations. You have taken the time to qualify your leads and record their names in your database so use them! When it comes to building relationships, there is nothing more important than learning their names. Hearing our own name causes our brain to recognize that someone is focusing on us. It’s a natural involuntary response by our brain that you can utilize to your advantage to encourage, stimulate and support the development of a new personal relationship.

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