Creating ads on Facebook presents businesses with unrivaled targeting capability and the opportunity to put your company on display in the place where everyone is hanging out online. Based on the geography, age and interests you choose to target, people in that demographic will see your ads while browsing Facebook, as they likely do on a daily basis. If done properly, your ad will be shown to the right people in what is, for certain, the right place.

The Major Benefits of a LIKE:
Getting people to LIKE you on Facebook does two essential things that will contribute to the long-term success of your business:


    1. When people LIKE your page, they subscribe to your updates, which allows you to begin having an ongoing conversation with them.  Facebook like
    2. It introduces and endorses you to every one of the user’s friends (the average Facebook user has 130 friends). This is like if every time someone visited and liked your website, they told 130 of their friends about it. Facebook is the most organically viral online network in existence. Take advantage of it.

Nowhere else in a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign can you get targeted leads for so little monetary outlay. Depending on your business market, you may be surprised to find that you will be paying no more than 25-50 cents for each click/LIKE (qualified lead).

LIKES for E-Commerce:

Adding LIKE buttons to your website allows for the creation of permanent records of each visitor’s interests. Friends of the visitors who go to your website will see the exact products their friend indicated they LIKED. This helps to position you for significantly increased conversion rates over time.

LIKES for Professional Services:
 (LIKE as the new referral)

Websites for doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., are setup now to convince you to call them. If setup to generate LIKES, they would instantly begin creating a highly valuable network, growing their exposure and building a clientele who trusts them. Many people are now doing Facebook searches when looking for service providers because they are able to see how many of their friends have given their approval to a certain provider. Are you more likely to choose a lawyer or doctor at random online or rely on the recommendation of a friend?

Once your page is LIKED, you can then begin engaging.

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