Facebook is at it again, they are making more improvements to the social media platform! This time it is pertaining to ads. Facebook is updating the structure of their ads in an effort to help businesses optimize, track, and increase their productivity.

The new ad structure began rolling out on March 4th, 2014 and is expected to be completed by March 30th, 2014.

This update is a great way for businesses to target their audiences with different ads! The new structure provides businesses with three levels, making them more efficient. The ad structure will now consist of; campaign, ad set, and ads.

The First Stop: Campaign Level!

In the campaign section you will be able to define the objective of the advertisement. This allows the possibility of measuring and optimizing which campaign will work best for your business’s overall Facebook advertising goals. Each campaign will have the capability of defining a specific objective, so they can be separated from others.

Next Stop on the Facebook ad structure train: Ad Set Level


The second level of the new Facebook ad structure is the “Ad Set.” This is where budgets, scheduling, audience segments will be defined. Inside of each campaign, there is the ability to create multiple ad sets. Under the umbrella of the campaigns, the capability of having multiple ads sets will be beneficial. In these ad sets a business can determine different goals and report on which ad sets are productivity optimizing for them, increasing the efficiency of their Facebook ad campaigns.

Last and Final Stop: Ad Level

The third level of the new Facebook ad structure is the actual ads. Facebook is allowing for multiple ads within each ad set. Allowing for multiple ads under a single ad set is beneficial for measuring and reporting on which ads are meeting their objectives. A variety of different ad types are allowed; video, text, images, or links. The ability to create different variations of ads will give businesses an accurate depiction of which ads their target audiences are responding to. The reporting on this will be crucial for business to use to optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Facebook’s new structure or copied structure?

The new Facebook ad structure is a great improvement in the way businesses can market on the social media platform. However, after seeing the new structure in Facebook’s help section, there was something we noticed that seemed very familiar. The new structure may have different level names, but it is strangely similar to the structure of Google Adwords!

For any business that is utilizing both Google Adwords and Facebook ads this is great news! The similarities between the two structures will provide a smooth transition. Businesses will be able to save time in development simply by creating similar campaigns for both platforms.

The capabilities of the two platforms may differ, however the ultimate goal and targeting of the two platforms can now run congruently.

We want to hear what you think!

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