follow-up-conference-igm-creative-group You’ve gone to your conference, met plenty of people and obtained their contact information.

What should you do next? Follow up on those prospects. This is your opportunity to build relationships and continue to network with those that you’ve met.  So, exactly how do you turn all of those business cards in to relationships?

1. Sort your business cards – Converting to digital is helpful, via use of a scanner or creation of a spreadsheet. Go through the cards and rank by level of importance to your business. Prioritize the cards, making your first contact to those who are most relevant. Hold on to the other cards and connect with these people when you are able.

2. Send a follow up email – If you write the email with at least one personalized line, it will help that individual remember you. This will also indicate that you remember them. If possible, offer something in your email that is useful, ie. make a connection for them, with another of your business acquaintances that could help them. Your follow-up emails should be succinct. Make sure you include a call to action or a question that leads to future communications.

3. Schedule meetings – Be sure to correspond within the few weeks after the event. This ensures people still recall what transpired at the conference. Build on the momentum of your initial email contact, by immediately scheduling meetings with as many people as you can. In person meetings tend to be much more effective and impressionable.

Once you have reached out to your new prospects, sit back and wait for the responses. Be sure to hold on to the contact information for future promotions and communications.

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