Event Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Virtual conferences are fast becoming the new normal for conference organizers. These days it makes good business sense for many organizations, considering the current pandemic situation and employee travel limitations. Whether you are planning an annual conference, corporate seminar, or any other type of event, it is important to accept that times have changed and you must adapt in order to succeed.

Transforming Your Conference Content for the New Normal

Delivering a highly interactive virtual conference can be quite challenging. But with the right tools and expert help you can provide your attendees an innovative and worthwhile virtual conference experience.

Creative Agencies that Provide Design and Branding

There are many agencies that have made conversions of graphics to a virtual setting. You can discover, by using a creative design agency who follows these same strategies, they can create corporate conference based materials that now are web graphic oriented. We find that most agencies are embracing a new level of marketing and display advertising for their clients who are no longer attending in-person shows.

One such creative agency is IGM Creative Group. “IGM’s objective is to provide our clients with professional, elegant and innovative virtual conference assets. We have been working with corporations to provide them with award winning presentations, exhibit designs, promotional items, and booth graphics for over 25 years! We can also assist in developing your event’s marketing campaign.”, stated President, Jay Stack.

“Here at IGM technology meets creativity. Whether you need a landing page or microsite for your virtual conference, graphics for a virtual booth, or sell sheets for your virtual attendees to download, we’ve got you covered! We also have some outstanding business partners who can help you with live streaming, on demand video production and converting your Trade Show Booth into a 3-D Virtual Display.”

Media Consulting Firms that Provide Live Streaming and HD Video Production Services

Video production and media consulting firms have traditionally helped businesses connect with their audiences to tell their stories through video. Your virtual event may require live streaming or video on demand sessions or a combination of both. Consulting with a professional, who can help you determine the best tools and options for your event, can save you time and the effort of researching the plethora of options available.

President and Director of MiB Mediaworks, Mark Brodie stated, “As companies work to resume and continue their ongoing business operations, messaging and communication have become more important now than ever. Our VideoPods solution has been developed with our clients’ business needs in mind. We intended to help them produce professional-level video content, easily and affordably while keeping everyone safe.”

Developing a Virtual Trade Show Exhibit

If your trade show has gone virtual your trade show booth and sell sheets won’t necessarily be the only tools you will need to attract new clients. A 3D virtual exhibit might be a very worthwhile investment. It can be a valuable tool all year round, not just in the usual March to May or September to October time frames.

“So many shows are moving to a virtual platform. Problem is most companies do not have the experience or team to help you create the digital content you need to be present. That is where we can step in, with our 32+ years of experience, and help.”, stated Denise Lineberry, VP of Marketing for Apple Rock NJ/NJ. Apple Rock specializes in producing 3D virtual exhibits with flythrough capabilities and hotspots you can link to content.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are many areas to consider when planning and organizing your virtual event. Investing wisely in the most effective tools may require some expert help. But that investment may just be a sales engine that drives new virtual sales to your business.

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