If you want to make an impression with conference visitors, you must take advantage of new developments in technology as well as techniques in retaining conference attendees.

In the 21st century, loads of social media platforms and content options are available to us. We just need to familiarize ourselves with these tools to maximize lead generation.

Below you will find 10 tips relating to new trends for conferences in 2016:
  1. Make use of hands-on devices that will engage the attendee. A good example are iPad surveys.
  2. Utilize lightweight steel framed displays. They are sturdy and easy to move.
  3. Impress your visitors with new and more engaging presentation software. Software like Prezi fit this category.
  4. Game On with Gamification (gameplay) – a great way to encourage attendees to interact with your station. Participants can win points or prizes.
  5. Hold your event at unique venues. Hold your event in fun and unique venues like sports or concert venues, private villas, or amusement parks.
  6. Focus on storytelling. Events are also becoming platforms for storytelling. Stories can be a very powerful medium when tapped in to.
  7. Use Big Data. In recent years, technologies like social media platforms, RFID technology (scanned badge codes), and apps are increasingly providing event planners with loads of information about their attendees that can be utilized in company CRM systems and email campaigns.
  8. Treat your event as a community. Today’s event planners should consider a much longer event lifecycle than before. Establishing and building an interactive online presence will help you preserve this sense of community after the event.
  9. Incorporate Social Media. In 2016, you can expect to see more social media networks find their ways into conferences. It’s an inexpensive way to continue your message and brand exposure.
  10. Use your event as a venue for training. Companies are looking to reinvest in their people in terms of educating and training. Organizations view training and change management as important elements to growth. Training meetings are seen as a vehicle to educate and to stay abreast on updated products and services.

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