Social Media has recently made some major changes to improve your tactics on reaching your clients! Facebook has changed the way updates are posted on the “News Feed.” Similar to how Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is helping provide visitors with high quality content, Facebook is applying this same logic to their News Feed algorithm.

The update to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm will increase the amount of story links and news, instead of the most recent post 

Facebook is trying to provide its users with high quality useful information to keeping them up-to-date or current, increasing their time on the website. like

News article posts will also begin to be accompanied by similar or related articles that Facebook feels a user is interested in. Facebook is attempting to become the social media platform that users go to for all their daily news updates.

Improving the quality of links and content on webpages is now important in the social media world as well. Providing your visitors with quality, informative content will boost your visibility to your clients. 

More ways to boost your social media tactics is to keep your “fans” interacting with your posts. A news article or post will continually show on users News Feed if new comments and Likes are occurring. The change to the News Feed algorithm, will predominately affect the increasing number of Facebook’s mobile users. 

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