With competition and technology constantly evolving, companies in all types of industries need to consistently find new ways to get their products and services in front of receptive audiences. As a marketing expert, I believe one of the most promising strategies for businesses is interactive marketing, otherwise called trigger-based or event-based marketing. It’s a form of digital outreach that’s initiated by the consumer and is currently being used by banks, hospitals, airports, and many different types of retail stores.

Ways robots are augmenting interactive marketing 

Robots play a fundamental role in interactive marketing. When consumers interact with brands, they prefer talking to someone they can connect with emotionally. Manufacturers of robots are realizing this important facet and are therefore using AI equipping robots with human-like qualities, thus providing customers with personal interaction. Moreover, consumers in this day and age don’t want to be persuaded.  Instead, they want to participate interactively with the product and service, and then decide whether they like it or not. Humanoid robots are developing the ability to sense the feelings of customers and respond accordingly. This renders a great opportunity for marketers to analyze and predict customer behavior to alter and develop marketing strategies.

Humanoid robots adding value to global marketplace interactions

In a global marketplace with multiple languages and cultures, robots’ extraordinary data processing capabilities in a timely manner come in handy. Robots are making a marketer’s life easier by catering to bilingual customers across the world while cutting operational costs. In my opinion however, it’s fair to acknowledge that customer interactions globally are far from being fully automated. Having said that, more and more robotic companies are trying to enhance the robotics technology to increase and improve customer interaction. After all, that is where we’re headed as a society. And to successfully fulfill what the customer wants, we need to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology.

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