How to Make a Presentation

What makes a good business presentation?

The answer is simple: engaging your audience. The effort you place into creating the presentation can mean the difference between persuading your audience and wasting their time. Here are 5 tips, tools and secrets to building solid business presentations.

Be the presentation manager. Go to or call the venue prior to the event; survey the presentation room and how it is setup. Make sure you test all equipment needed for your presentation.

Connect before you present. Make small talk with audience members prior to presenting. The helps break the ice and gives members an understanding of who you and what you will be discussing. You can also send out a video teaser prior to event. You can give the attendees freebies (i.e. eBooks, books, bookmark etc.)

Body language. Think back to any memorable presenters you have encountered the past year. The presenters will have one thing in common: The usage of their hands, facial expressions, and eyes to keep the audience engaged. If possible, use props and stage movement to keep the audience interested.

Step into their shoes. Don’t assume audience members are experts in the topic of your presentation. You have to put yourself in their seat. Assume they are smart but know nothing. Don’t skip over key pieces of information. Present and teach the way you would want to be taught.

Tailor the experience to your audience. Make sure your message is tailored to the interest of your audience. Adding creative images to the presentation can immediately capture an audience’s attention; while clear bullet points or summary text makes it easier to follow the logic of the presentation. This level of engagement ensures that you get your message across to the audience.

At IGM Creative Group, we know that a presentation is more than just a collection of slides; it’s an opportunity to engage an audience and convey a narrative. That’s why we have a full graphic department and a team of presentation designers, copywriters, and web developers; all working to help you maximize your presentation. We work with clients through every step of the process in building a strong presentation. Effective images, clear bullet points and animations are crucial for any presentation. At IGM, we use a wide range of techniques to help you get the most out of each individual slide. Allow us to create a presentation your audience will remember – for all the right reasons.

For years, IGM Creative Group has been crafting strong presentations for our client. Let us take the burden of your team. And do what we do best. We pride ourselves in having a co-creative environment with our clients.

IGM Creative Group works with PowerPoint, Prezi and a multitude of other presentation software.

Take a minute to view our portfolio, and give your company the chance to enjoy the same benefits.

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