Considering the fact that there are more devices hooked onto the net than the number of people out there, more often than not, your web site is the first, and perhaps only point of contact for customers. Simply put, they see you and your product through your website. Therefore, your website should be designed to resemble you putting your best foot forward, all the time.

This is why web design plays a critical role in your success on the internet. As in real life, the most persuasive sales pitch is the most responsive one. Here, every need is taken care of, and every want anticipated in advance. Besides, remember that $272,000 is spent online by consumers every minute, and a happy customer is a spending customer.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your web design is as interactive and responsive as you are:

1.     Auto Complete & Date Picker

A good salesman anticipates what’s on the customer’s mind. He even completes a sentence when a customer is struggling to find the right word. Likewise, your website must be able to predict what a customer is trying to type, as soon as the first 3 words are keyed in. All possible options must drop down so that he or she needn’t make any effort. Similarly, whenever a date has to be entered, a calendar must pop up for convenience.

2.      Drag & Drop

Do you marvel at the ease at which you can manipulate icons and pictures on your smart phone with just a drag and a drop? There’s no reason why your website cannot do the same. An Ecommerce site for example, can have customers dragging and dropping items into the shopping cart.

3.     Infinite Scroll 

This is another feature that is a must-have for an interactive site. Look at Facebook. As you reach the end of the posts, the next set is automatically loaded. There’s no button to hit, and no long wait for it to load.

4.     Accordion

Like an accordion, links are placed close to each other in a set of collapsible panels. When the one is clicked, it expands to reveal related information. When the next link is clicked, it expands, as the first one collapses back. The accordion prevents long pages that require tedious scrolling. It also ensures an elegant design that allows users to pick what they prefer.

5.     Tooltips 

Whenever the mouse is hovered over an element, a box appears, carrying more information about that element. The tooltip can be attached to any element. It is a non intrusive way of packing information into a site, without creating clutter.

These are just some of the many means we at IGM Creative use to make a website an interesting and fun place to visit. We have extensive experience in both the technical as well as design aspects, to creating memorable interactive user experiences. What’s more, our sound knowledge of branding, and what it takes to stand out on the internet makes us the perfect choice for enhanced, interactive user experiences – either with a fresh design, or by improving the existing design.

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