Lincoln Park, New Jersey – August 1, 2011 – IGM Creative Group, LLC (IGM), a cutting edge full service design and marketing firm located in Northern New Jersey, just recently announced that they can now offer your business a complete company website featured inside your Facebook account. Only a handful of developers understand how to capitalize on this technology and the IGM team of experts has perfected this new marketing platform. To see how these pages look and operate, go to and view a live demonstration.

The growing influence of social networking media is becoming increasingly important; in the US alone there are a staggering 150 million active users on Facebook. Facebook wields such power that news agencies are beginning to tailor news to cater to a yearning social media audience. IGM can help you capture that same audience by building your business a working website within Facebook, complete with robust content and drop down menus.

“There are a lot of companies and individuals out there creating and hosting Facebook pages for a fee,” said Jay Stack, President of IGM. “What we have to offer is completely different, brand new technology. We work within Facebook parameters to bring you a live, interactive website operating on your Facebook page. Imagine the marketing power of that?”

IGM has always been committed to setting itself apart from the competition not only by promising your organization a polished, pulled together look and feel, but also by bringing the best and the newest technology to your business. With this latest leap, visibility, product promotion and lead generation just became that much easier.

Mr. Stack went on to say, “Keep in mind that anyone browsing through Facebook can see your content; regardless of whether they are signed in or not. So, apart from a presence on the world wide web, you can now be fully visible in the largest social network on earth.” It is also noteworthy that the professional contact page is complete with data capture form, pulled right through Facebook.

IGM is known for keeping a careful eye on your marketing budget while at the same time assuring that you reach your branding goals. A Facebook webpage is an ideal way to reach a large audience at a reasonable price.

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