Tum-E Yummies is manufactured by BYB Brands, Inc. and distributed through the Coca-Cola Bottling network. It is a youth drink for ages 5 to 14 and comes in several delicious fruit flavors.

Lincoln Park, NJ, April 15, 2014 – IGM Creative Group was awarded to execute monthly email campaigns that attract both parents and kids to the delicious and nutritious fruit drink called Tum-E Yummies.

Located in North Carolina, Tum-E Yummies sells in most grocery and convenience stores as well as other retailers throughout the United States. Like any consumer brand, this youth drink needed a proper marketing effort for brand notoriety. IGM Creative Group researched fun and intriguing ideas that parents and children can share, while using Tum-E Yummies 5 flavors at the forefront of its efforts.

“Each month we design, deploy and rate a new campaign” said VP of Marketing, Selena Perry. “We alternate content and ideas regularly, some months we promote coupons where customers can buy one and will get a FREE Tum-E Yummies and other campaigns we share helpful and creative tips for those busy Mom’s depending on the season.”

About Tum-E Yummies:  A non-carbonated drink that satisfies both parents and kids. With only 50 calories, zero sodium and 100% daily value of Vitamins C, B6 & B12.

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