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LINCOLN PARK, NJ., Oct 2, 2017 – IGM Creative Group President, Jay Stack, shares his opinion on the security and surveillance industry based on the interactions with other experts at the biggest security conference ever held.


The Unmanned Security Expo (USE) debuted at the International Security Conference & Expo (ISC West) in Las Vegas, April 2017. It greatly helped the electronic security industry’s highest-profile trade show soar to a record number of more than 30,000 participants. Robolliance, a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance, and security, created to advance the understanding and awareness of the autonomous robotics marketplace, served as one of the four primary USE supporters.

Some partners of Robolliance were interviewed in a roundtable conference format to get their views on what they hoped to gain out of the experience. “The Robolliance kiosk at USE was quite impressive as it too was demonstrative of people interacting with technology. Booth visitors were able to use the touchscreen to dynamically swipe through topics, read articles, peruse through a multitude of experts and their profiles, plus contact all of the Robolliance sponsors. It was amazing. The large interactive touch monitor really made the booth and its products stand out. It’s great that the Robolliance had so many sponsors attend as it offered USE patrons the ability to gain expertise in a variety of robotic related topics,” said Jay Stack.

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On being asked about what are some of the best opportunities in the field of robotics Stack said, “News coverage for robotics is growing rapidly. You can’t watch the daily reports or open the paper without some kind of article or video about robots. Owning an ad agency, I can tell you the cost of a PPC [pay per click] ad is higher than it’s ever been for robotics. We are looking at the future and having the opportunity to be part of the next big thing in security and surveillance, learning about the latest technology and working with experts in the field is an amazing experience, to say the least.”

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