Technological advancements may have simplified the process of creating trade show graphics by leaps and bounds, but it is just as easy to be blinded by the promises of technology. A clean and simple approach to building a tradeshow booth always works best for both display aesthetics and your business.

Given below are the 3 primary aspects of designing tradeshow display and a few tips for putting these elements to effect.

  • Visual
  • Headline
  • Description
  1. Selecting Tradeshow Graphics

Keeping images bold but simple help best in weaving an impressive canvas for your trade. Abstract and ornate graphics might make for great art but can equally distracting and inappropriate for a tradeshow backdrop.

Tip: Stick to choosing simple images even if you are looking at conveying an intricate story. In the market you can avail of services that conduct easy searches along with offering economical images and illustrations to do up your booth.

  1. Creating Simple headlines that are easier to recall

Be careful when choosing words to represent your trade. All in all, the headline should be simple, direct and short.

People who never intended to stop by your booth may simply walk past it with at max a fleeting glance. This passing glance is your only chance to seize their attention. A well thought and persuasive headline will compel them to spend a few extra minutes gauging your offer.

The more concise your headline is, the more prominent it appears on your display. Longer headlines tend to get lost among tradeshow traffics. Even if your display consists of a small table top, it will be seen from a few yards away. Also ensure choosing a clear typeface for your headline. Don’t be rattled by the many choices in the offing.

Tip: Simple typefaces are easier to read. If you observe carefully, larger companies tend to put up bold and simple displays if not elaborate booths. Follow the trend.

  1. Writing concise descriptions

It is always tempting to convey the nitty gritties of your business offers to potential leads. However, doing so will only push the attendee into moving on to the next booth. No one wants to spend all their time reading detailed descriptions at tradeshows. If the headline served its purpose of capturing people’s attention, they’d continue to read a line or two at the most. So cut off any fluff and stick to writing a concise note in which every word counts.


  • Use Bullets
  • Keep your descriptions concise
  • Don’t get too technical
  • Good things come in small packages

Employ the services of a copywriter or someone you know writes well. If the person you ask to review your tradeshow concern is not connected to the business, you will extract a lot of valuable third party opinion of the same.

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