The events of these past few months have greatly impacted consumer outlooks and performance. In turn many businesses have paused their marketing and advertising efforts due to lack of ROI. Though it may seem counterintuitive, now is the time to continue that investment in digital marketing and keep your consumers and prospective customers thinking about your products and services.

We all know it will not be as simple as opening the doors to a flood gate of customers eagerly returning to market. There will be a period of adjustment. The key is to begin analyzing how your business will respond to the upcoming changes in your market.


Take Stock in Your Offerings and Anticipate Your Customer Needs

It may have been a while since you performed a full client needs analysis. And now is the perfect time to set you staff on that task. This one will be a little trickier as they will need to anticipate changes in how the customers will be returning to market. Are there specific products or services that will be helpful once the markets reopen? Do you need to change direction due to the upcoming market trends? How can you quickly meet the demands your customers will have once they return to market? All good questions you and your team will need to address.

Leverage and Invest in Technologies

With the changes to human interactions, you may need a new or different toolset to engage your employees, customers and prospects. If your business has been closed you may need to start strategizing with your team via video conference. Or this might be a new sales tool replacing in person meetings. Consider all your current communication paths and see if new ones need to be investigated and implemented. It’s a great time to bring staff up to speed on new technologies too!

Invest in Digital Marketing

Now more than ever you will be reaching out to your clients with digital marketing.  Review, monitor and adjust your campaigns marketing and bidding strategies. Remember conditions will continue to shift and take new shapes. Reviewing your google analytics and updating keywords can be a powerful resource in adapting to new market trends. Don’t forget to keep in touch with carefully crafted email marketing campaigns. Be sure that the information you are sending out is sensitive to your customer needs as well as recent experiences. Remember to be focused on the user’s experience as positive digital experiences can be just as important as in person ones.

Purpose Driven Branding

Lastly, I would like to focus on what I call purpose driven branding. These times and experiences may have changed which products and services your clients need. Therefore, you may need to adjust your messaging and brand for the purpose of better serving your market. It may be your individual product or service brands or your company’s brand that requires adjustment. Realize businesses exists to serve customers and if your brand does not evoke what the customer needs it may be time for a change or small update to the messaging to assure your brands success.

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