Students in the library The Millennial generation is one of the most computer-literate generations to enter the workforce. They have access to the Internet as well as gadgets that enable them to learn at their own time and place. Additionally, the challenges of traditional education methodology seem to have pushed the youth to search for alternatives. In order to avoid higher tuition costs, lack of course options and budget cuts, students are pursuing entire degrees online and some are taking at least one online course specific to their technical needs.

This trend points to the fact that graduating high school students and young professionals find taking online courses beneficial. Here are some reasons why.

3C’s – Convenience, Comfort, Collaboration

Online learning renders to be convenient for all parties involved. All one needs is an internet connection. Moreover, they don’t have to deal with traffic, scramble for parking spots, leave work early to attend class and/or miss important family commitments. Students also have the ability to take relevant courses being offered at other universities and transfer them to their degree program.

As a generation, they feel that learning is likely to be more conducive when they are comfortable.  So whether they want to work in their pajamas from their couch or the closest coffee shop, the choice is theirs, and that’s what they like.

Moreover, online learning platforms enable them to interact with people who have a specific skill set. Technical courses often target niche knowledge sharing; therefore students find comfort in seeking help from experts in the field.  Thus collaborating with professionals trained in niche topics is advantageous as opposed to a physical classroom setting where everyone might need help with something else and therefore will not get personal attention.

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Improves Technical Skills

Online courses enable students to develop new technical skills just by default of developing new computer skills to navigate through different learning systems. Creating, sharing, editing documents as well as making presentations using different softwares and audiovisual tools add value to their current skill set.

Increases Retention

Online modules typically end up being more interactive in nature. Content providers feel that in order to fulfill the void of not interacting with the student in person, they must create exciting content by using fun, engaging elements such as interactive multimedia tools, games, videos, and slides. It’s safe to assume that such tools will enable the target audience to retain new concepts learned better.

To sum up, the reason why online courses are continuing to grow in popularity is because of changing learning preferences of the target audience. Consequently, the nature and format of online courses are aligning the goals of the management and students. With this new form of learning, employees find themselves more confident, able, and equipped in their roles therefore directly affecting a company’s ROI.

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