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Is your web content for humans or search engines?

In Bill Gates's essay titled "Content is King," published on the Microsoft website in January 1996, he wrote, "Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting."

His statement is still meaningful today. Content is what helps us to attract and build our audience. Web content is an essential tool for marketers. It allows us to communicate effectively with our audience, connect them with our brand, and achieve our marketing goals.

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Does your non-profit have a digital marketing road-map for success?

IGM Creative Group is a local company based out of NJ, offering advertising solutions, marketing strategy, and web development for Fortune 500, mid-market and small businesses. IGM’s President and CEO, Jay Stack is a firm believer of working with and for non-profit organizations. “We take pride in working with non-profit organizations because of the important work these organizations do whether it’s fighting hunger, providing vital information about available resources, or trying to revitalize a downtown area to promote business,” said Stack.

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Why is content and marketing strategy important?

Content is anything and everything an organization stands for. It defines one’s products and services and how they will be marketed. Content renders to be the most important asset. If understood, identified, documented, and distributed effectively it drives revenue, lower costs, and better targets customers. Having described what content is, isn’t enough on its own. As an entrepreneur, one needs to clearly identify why and how it's being posted.

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