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The hospitality industry is booming like never before. Hotel management is constantly finding new ways to entertain and satisfy their customers.

The industry aims to guarantee customers a unique experience across the globe. Each customer has certain expectations that hotels and resorts try to fulfill. As a tourist, one wants to relax and be entertained and therefore is willing to spend money and take time off from work. However, this industry is realizing that with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), they no longer need to manage customer expectations because technology means anything is possible. Given time and resources, and with technology like connected smart rooms, wayfinding kiosks, and smartphone apps, hospitality industry leaders can make anything happen.

Here are some of the ways technology is shaping customer experiences:
Sustainable practice
Keyless technology improves the customer experience.

With global warming on the rise, many entrepreneurs feel the need to develop an eco-friendly approach in the production and distribution of products and services. This has resulted in hotels taking initiatives to install motion sensor technology that controls electricity to be used when needed, for instance. Both large, as well as mid-sized resorts and hotels, are now adopting sustainable practices.

Technology contributing to efficiency

Additionally, technology is being used to make resorts and hotels more efficient. Automating check in and check out requires less effort on hotel management. Keyless entry is another idea being adopted by the industry. Facial recognition is on the rise to unlock guest bedrooms. Online bookings have been in practice for a few years, but software systems are being improved so that minimum time and effort are spent for customers to fill out their information.

Technology improving customer experience
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Technology is also being used to improve customer experience. Smartphones are being used to open guest bedrooms while live chat options on hotel booking websites are making registration and booking easier and faster for customers. Guests prefer websites that offer this feature so that their queries can be addressed immediately. The self-check-in technology eliminates errors and speeds the process by using QR codes, making it more convenient for the guests. Hotel TVs now enable dinner and lunch bookings, restaurant recommendations, and the ability to communicate with the hotel staff with a touch of a button or voice commands. Smart rooms and toilets offer the opportunity for customers to see any environment they wish with the help of smart touch panels that appear on the walls.

Technology adding value to infrastructure

Technology is shaping the way infrastructure was previously developed. Beacon technology, for instance, enables information to be relayed to travelers in real time. Tourists can download apps to find their way around airports and hotels, as well as baggage carousels. It’s only a matter of time until technology will be able to predict security wait times at airports and other border controls. Some airports are even using robots to store luggage and collect traveler information and hotels are investing in wayfinding and concierge kiosks to help guests learn more about the hotel, its amenities, and how to navigate the often confusing layouts.

The IoT is enabling hospitality industry pioneers to reshape the future of tourism, travel, and experiences. Each idea that implements new technology only spoils customers further and their expectations rise accordingly. The stakeholders are making it happen, and while some may see it as a vicious cycle, it’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

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