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In today’s conference planning the paper-based system has transitioned to a more sophisticated level that provides our audience with a comprehensive and competitive digital means of delivery. These advances have led to significant improvements in conference management and have both streamlined and consolidated meeting systems.

We’ve listed just a few of these innovations below to better aid marketing efforts and the promotion of both product and brand.

Kiosk Design

Imagine Tom Cruise in Minority Report. There is a scene where Cruise’s character, John Anderton, flips digital files into the air and onto an interactive screen. Pinching, swiping, and moving items to the side of the screen to make way for other files creates a futuristic effect that exists today. Thanks to Android technology, both kiosks and wayfinding services have become more technologically savvy and relevant to users than ever before.

This technology, which has already been implemented in airports throughout the globe, allows us to design what we want with little to no restraint on our imagination. Menu items jump off the screen and allow us to order directly from the airport bars and restaurants. McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, for example, has installed small kiosks above lavatory sinks.

Our company’s multi-touch kiosk technology offers animated effects, video, photos, and pages that flip and expand while reading. IGM Creative Group has developed technology that allows the patron to view selections at their leisure and reset the information with a single button. Additionally, the advanced technology can send an email to an interested party with a contact form as well as calculate specific pageviews. One example of a highly intuitive, user friendly multi-touch kiosk design is the system created for Robolliance for the ISC West Conference this past year.


While kiosks are ideal for conferences and showrooms, wayfinding has become more popular among large buildings and institutions like museums, zoos, corporate towers, hospitals, and compounds. The same fun and innovative technology walks the viewer through their journey while allowing for additional information like weather, ad sales, coupons, and more.

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Travel directions, menu options, facial recognition software, and contact information are just the tip of the iceberg. Conference planners will soon be able to use wayfinding tech with greater frequency as new advances continued to be developed.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has become more popular as advances in technology and fabric come into their own. The use of sensors to monitor, adapt, diagnose, gamify, and improve health is exploding. Health wearables like Fitbit, and prestigious smartwatch companies like Samsung and Apple are proof of increasing popularity within the wearable technology field. The possibilities for wearable technology integration into conference and event planning are endless. Everything from the site inspection process, to the food and beverage industry are now clamoring to utilize wearable tech.

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