Robotics is here to stay.

Look around you and you will find that AI has infiltrated every aspect of our human culture from video games to home servants, from security to the way we drive our car. It has become an integral part of our everyday life. It has also become an integral part of our professional life. You will find technological advances in manufacturing, medicine, sports and many other professions, including marketing.

marketing While marketing is still predominantly a ‘human’ thought and emotional based profession, many technological advances have been made which assist in the ability to market more efficiently. Companies are using intelligence in marketing to drive more direct and effective communications between consumer and organization. Advertising and marketing executives are finding that AI is allowing for more beneficial and personalized marketing opportunities.

What innovations have been brought forward to assist in the marketing of consumer and business products? Marketing software automation enables professionals to utilize the computerization of data to set up series of email messages that are automatically sent out to a base of current customers or potential clients. Messages can be placed on a schedule and are delivered automatically on a regular basis, keeping customers up-to-date on articles, trends, and information. 

Technological advancements have provided a set of tools allowing marketers to analyze and interpret data. Results are used to promote successful and more precisely targeted marketing campaigns, allowing for an increase in product awareness and sales.

AI can provide a marketing professional, through the use of data sources and calculations, with an accurate measure of ROI, or it can assist in the personalization of the recommendations of a particular product. 

Another huge leap in the use of AI is the use of smartphones. Consumers have become more engaged with their smartphones, looking at advertisements, researching product and purchasing product no matter where their location. 

Limits have been pushed on what can be done creatively, continually bringing forth new platforms in which design can be implemented. 

The world of chat interfaces, such as Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, and Google Home has brought forth a new age where you can make purchases simply by ‘chatting’.

While AI has currently taken over much of the data analysis tasks in Marketing and has brought forth new opportunities for communications, presentations and brand marketing there is much to look forward to in the future relationship between computerization and the marketing professional.

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