Due to the unprecedented situation with Covid-19 most scheduled spring conferences have been pushed out to an unknown future date, cancelled or converted to a virtual event. Most of us have little to no experience selling in a virtual environment. But if planned and managed properly your business can succeed in demonstrating your expertise, leaving lasting impressions on conference attendees while achieving your sales goals. Here are a few strategies and tactics you can implement to become successful with this new sales funnel the virtual conference.

Virtual-conference Covid-19

Assemble Your Team and Plan the Optimal Virtual Environment.

Just as you needed meetings to discuss and build your sales booth, you need to meet and discuss your virtual sales environment. Being on camera on a set is different than being in the booth.

  • Realize you no longer have the 10×10 or larger booth space to display your wares. Your visual display space will be reduced to a one meter square, therefore it will be important to carefully plan each presenters’ virtual background.
  • Encourage your presenters to practice in front of a camera and review their presentations. Even though the environment may be an interactive one, it will be different than selling to an individual stopping by the booth as there may be limitations in discussion time and personal, individual interactions.
  • Consider what you can repurpose. You may have digital content developed to project onto the back wall of your exhibition hall that can now be used as a virtual background for your online sessions.

Determine New Ways to Increase Attendee Engagement

You may need to reorganize how you present your materials to attendees. Realize a virtual attendee will have a shorter attention span and more distractions, especially if they are attending from home. Re-think how you can present your information and keep your attendees engaged.

  • A conversational environment might be more appropriate utilizing multiple speakers.
  • Or you may find you need multiple break out rooms with a company specialist presenting in each room.
  • Consider engaging a script writer to make your presentations more interesting and entertaining.
  • Utilize your social media platforms to showcase your presenter content. Remember most attendees will only recall 10% of what is discussed, therefore, it is important to remind your attendees where they can review this information again after the virtual conference is over.
  • Create a virtual appointment book where attendees can schedule one-on-one meetings with your team members to discuss their individual needs in more detail.

Execute a Strong Game Plan to Ensure a Successful Conversion

This is a new game plan for your sales team, especially if they are taking a back seat to company experts for more cohesive presentations.

  • If your salespeople are not the main presenters, have them work closely with the inhouse experts to create slides and renderings that will best capture their in-person sales pitches.
  • Have conference designers work with presenters to create exciting and engaging content to help attendees gain value from their experience.
  • Invest in any needed webinar technologies that will make your presentations pop. Even though your business may be developing a new conference game plan due to necessity it is still a progressive investment to prepare your business for virtual conferences.
  • Have your marketing team or advertising agency brush up your sell sheets, as they will serve as shared PDFs during and after the conference.

Let’s face facts, internet gatherings are not a passing fad. They are fast becoming the way to future sales. Preparing your business now for tomorrow’s virtual conferences will be a prudent time and materials investment in your business’ future sales success.


Carefully plan the virtual conference follow up, which should include email marketing campaigns

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