voice-seo How many times have you asked Siri or Alexa a question about something you need from a local business? Whenever you do, you are using Voice Search Technology. And if your using the technology, you can bet your prospective customers are too!

So What Exactly is Voice Search Technology?

In a nutshell Voice Search Technology allows the user the ability to conduct an internet/web based search by speaking into a device. Sounds simple but there is a good deal of complex tech involved. Most important being Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) mechanisms. With the introduction of AI this technology has increased in accuracy by leaps and bounds. Some technologies boast 97% accuracy! But of course, even the best systems sometimes stumble on uncommon words. Never the less, the increased use of virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, can provide your business with an opportunity to capitalize on it.

How Can My Businesses Profit from Voice Search Tech?

If you haven’t optimized your website content for voice, it just might be time to include this new tech in your 2020 marketing strategy. Currently, web text search is driving most business websites. In order to accommodate voice searches you will need to consider, what people ask about and how they do the asking. Understanding your audiences’ intent and the types of questions they ask can help you develop the content that speaks to what your prospective clients are searching for.

Closely Consider Your Prospects Questions as You Develop New Content

Are they asking a direct question? Are they working on a problem and describing the problem or its symptoms? Is there a specific feature or brand name they are searching for that requires highlighting?

Next you will need to develop content that matches what they are seeking. Therefore, your data and materials will need to be structured as part of the conversation. Not such an easy task, but if you start by creating content that includes long-tail keywords, that sound more natural, as opposed to short, snappy text, you will be on your way to developing SEO for a voice search.

Address the Buying Cycle!

Considering where your prospect may be in their buying cycle can help you build great Voice Search SEO. At the top of the funnel be sure to provide content that describes your products and/or services in entertaining and educational prose, while at the bottom you become more specific, providing a solution that matches their problem.

Will 2020 be the year 30% of Searches are done without a screen?

Back in 2016 Gartner predicted that 30% of all searches would be done without a screen by 2020. Gartner’s predictions saw a fundamental shift in the way consumers find information. Their analysts predicted that voice interactions would overtake typing a search query. By eliminating the need to use hands and eyes for web searches, vocal interactions have become an effective search method for multitaskers. They can continue walking, socializing and exercising as they search the web for new products and services to meet their needs.

Have you updated you website to accommodate this important shift in consumer use? If not we can help you develop new engaging content to meet the growing voice search demand.


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