UI, or User Interface is the composition of all the elements of a Web page. Nothing on a successful web page should be random. Our User Interface designers take effective elements of story telling and communication and customize the themes to fit any goal. This process can be as simple as color schemes, to advanced tools that help a user interact with and participate in the page itself. Truly successful User Interface, in a way, turns an interested consumer into a curious child who just “needs to play with that new toy!”

UX, or the User Experience is the measurable results of the User Interface aggregate. In other words, User Experience is the “heart and fuel” of a new business-to-client relationship facilitated by a Webpage and its specific User Interface. To continue the analogy, User Experience is the visceral, emotive and cognitive conclusions the child forms from playing with the new toy. There is theory behind what a user is thinking when visiting your website. What is their next action? Where will the web page take them?

IGM Creative Group has been designing and implementing web design and development for as many years as the web is young, engaging User Interface and User Experience design within a vast variety of industries including B2B and B2C clientele.

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