Make an impression well before the big day

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You attend conferences to connect with professionals and generate leads, but is there anything you can do to kickstart the process even sooner than the event? Fortunately, we have a few ideas for what you can do to initiate communication before you even stray from your office desk.

First, identify what you want to get out of the experience

What a waste of time it would be if you aimlessly wandered around the conference with no knowledge of what resources your company needs most. You should always have some pre-conceived idea as to what your business needs, as this will determine who you must prioritize talking to. For instance, are you running a startup that is in desperate need of some financial support? If so, craft a lengthy list of people, who you suspect to invest in your flourishing business, to mingle with. You are not likely to meet every single attendee, so make every interaction count by seeking out contacts early on.

Next, use what you already know to your advantage

 Don’t wait for the date, introduce yourself as soon as you obtain the list of attendees. One of the best ways to do so is through email marketing. Encourage individuals to sign up for your company’s mailing list, which will enable you to provide an assortment of details about your company on a routine basis. It is therefore vital that you have an enticing and informative company website that answers all prospective questions, displays achievements, provides links to social media, and more. Embellishing your website with provoking blog articles is another clever way to hook and maintain the attention of audience members. Just as you would with any of your existing clients, you can deploy email blasts, using platforms such as Robly, to a sea of attendees and within a matter of clicks. An email blast can hearten people, particularly promising prospective contacts, to seek out your booth when the grand date arrives. Your email should be both educative and exciting, as well as contain explicit clickable links to your eye-catching website.

 Continue to think of creative ways to publicize your company

The stretch of months leading to a conference is not the time to be shy, we can promise you that. This is why you should prioritize designing and disseminating attractive banners and post cards before the show. Not every company does these things, which is what makes those few who do so special. All in all, the little things you do can very well add up and resultantly drive more traffic to your company booth.The more often your attendees see your company name appear, the more likely they will associate your name with the event. Remember, you want to stick out from the rest and remain in the back of people’s minds long before the fun begins.

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