Whether through internal promotion or through a talent search, you’ve become the new chief marketing officer at your firm. How do you make sure you’re successful in your new role?
Here’s what you need to know. Unless your company is a brand new start-up, there is history in your marketing department, and it’s important to clearly understand your past before you can plan for your future.

Looking back at past marketing strategies will help you gain a clearer picture of what’s been done previously.  Understand how your company has marketed in the past. How have products or services been reached by your consumers to date? What was the previous marketing budget?
You’ll want a complete and accurate assessment fairly quick.

Avoid bringing marketing to a halt when planning your new approach. Instead, let your marketing department continue to operate as usual.

As a VP/CMO/Marketing Head, you may develop a tendency to develop similar methodologies from the past. While these familiar tasks might make you feel comfortable, it is important to understand your company’s situation.

You’ll often find that your past strategies are not the best fit for your new role. Instead, start off with a clean slate and begin to develop a new strategy based on the current company objectives.

What should you hone in on during this transition period? You’ll want to concentrate on the following areas:

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  • Understand your internal team – Start with the basics and assess your employees’ skills and strengths. Delegate tasks and positions according to these findings.
  • Evaluate External Players and Resources– Review outside resources and increase your understanding of your customers, external resources, key industry players and the competition.
  • Assess Your Foundation – Review your technology platforms and tools, how they are used, and who is using them.
  • Take Inventory of Your Current Marketing Efforts – Understand your marketing assets and campaigns and assess the metrics behind such efforts.
  • Document and Report These Findings – Take time to document your findings and review them with your team. Receive feedback to get a complete picture.
  • Develop Your Plan – After your investigation, develop your plan by establishing your goals, campaign strategy and set up the infrastructure to meet these goals. Make sure you are focused on your buyers needs throughout the entire process.

You have little room for sluggish performance or on-the-job training. The above bullets will allow you to quickly size up the situation enabling you to chart a new course towards satisfying consumer needs and shareholder needs.
Remember, in a customer-led economy, as the new CMO, you may become your company’s next chief executive officer (CEO).

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