ClearLynx engaged IGM Creative Group to optimize their marine fuel marketplace platform and brand their new service. First, we designed the look and feel of their company logo and brand. Second, working from their wireframes, the design team created an impactful visual design. Using color, weight, and other visual clues to optimize the user flow. Thus, reducing the effort and time to read and interpret a complex amount of data.

Beyond the visual design, IGM consulted on specific features that enhanced the user experience. IGM conversed with brokers and buyers to understand their workflow. We then defined features that seamlessly integrated the customer’s needs. By working with the development and marketing teams we were able to successfully send a complicated software to development.

Another key component to the success of the product was an open dialogue between client development and our marketing team. Without clearly knowing expectations and concerns, IGM’s staff were capable of producing a user-friendly project for a global audience.