IDT Express

IDT Express, a division of IDT, is a leader in voice termination and wholesale voice routing. The company falls under our umbrella of telecom clients and deep-roots that IGM Creative Group has in the technology industries. The business serves more than 70 countries and countless cities with a B2B portfolio of services and products.

IGM Creative Group won the bid for the messaging, branding, design and development of the company’s website. The executive team of IDT Express was impressed by the experience, portfolio, and team presentation, which is why they declared us their new vendor of choice.

Deadlines were strict, granting us only three-months to build the IDT Express’s first 36-paged website. With the knowledge gained through multiple phases of discovery, we divided their products and service for ultimate user-experience, placing emphasis on mobile users. Currently. the website is available in over 7 different languages.

This global endeavor required the input of IGM’s full staff, consisting of its UI/UX, creative team, account managers, senior and junior writers, and crew of developers. They all worked in different phases, simultaneously, to build and launch the website by the initial proposed deadline.

The executive VP of IDT Express congratulated IGM Creative Group’s leading staff for a project that was well done and completed with success each step along the way.

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