Case Study – Telecom and Technology

Business Challenge

IGM Creative Group led the process of designing and shaping the infrastructure of the new  IDT Express website with the aid of their creative team, marketing experts and content strategists.

Strategy and Design

IGM Creative Group viewed this project as a new product. In bringing new products to market, we start with a website. We have found that through a series of client and potential market user interviews and an in-depth study we can create a visual palate for the web that sets a marketplace precedence for messaging.

Branding and Communication

We focus on developing consumer messages in a concise, interactive and effective manner to ensure maximum engagement with minimal effort.

Value delivered with innovative ideas

IGM led the rebuild of the new brand and the UI/UX look and feel. We engaged their executive team in design ideas. Multiple designs were created and tested for best audience appeal. Success is measured by exceeding our business objectives and client expectations.

Quality is the responsibility of an entire organization. Together we created a desirable experience for IDT’s customers and earned praise from their executive team. The launch of the redesigned website created a better Landing page experience for their visitors, that coupled with improvements in the meta data, resulted in a lower bounce rate.


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