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Business advertising is deemed as an art and a science. For a considerable period of time, the conventional wisdom in advertising circles is that the key to advertising is simplicity. A good advertisement is one that carries a simple idea that is put across in the most straightforward fashion. However, in the present age of media promiscuity, simplicity does not ensure invulnerability from the consumer’s fast-forward switch. The issue is magnified for small businesses that have a limited budget.

An essential aspect to the development of small businesses is the marketing of products and services in order to drive new customer to their business. This problem can be resolved by selecting the proper advertising venues. As an advertiser, you are faced with the challenge of selecting from a perplexing range of media options that are at your disposal. In one hand you have traditional troopers such as TV spots, posters, radio, print, cinema spots and public relations and in the other hand there is the availability of new-fangled sciences such as advertorial promotions, e-media events and sponsorships.

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