Get to know who visits your website, what they actually want, and convert more B2B target visitors.

Opening Doors

Conventional analytics provides insights on popular pages and traffic sources. We can now enrich this data with company names, titles, and emails. Our program will increase your engagement with companies keen on your offerings.

Data-Driven Results

  • Enrich your website analytics with company data.
  • Use cutting-edge identification technology, real-time visitor tracking, and data-driven audience insights.
  • Better understand, engage, and transform your anonymous website visitors into potential leads.
  • Segment your leads into audiences that convert.
Drive Revenue
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Enrichment. Enrich each identified company and your CRM with up to date and detailed information such as industry, size, location etc..

Visitor behavior. Follow lead journeys from source to close – get the full picture on what leads are doing, not only those who convert.

Prospect. Use key pieces of information to to select the right decision maker and pull contact details from the dashboard.

Competitors. We tag specific companies to monitor competitor visits and viewed pages on your site. If there’s a LinkedIn match, you gain access to this data.

Gain insights about your target visitors.

Page Visits – See what page(s) they viewed.

Time spent – Identify and separate the website visitors who spent several minutes on your pages, rather than just a few seconds.

Specific Campaigns – Connect Google Ads and email campaigns for more in-depth data.

Referral Visits – Identify the backlink that brought the visitor to your website.

LinkedIn – View the companies social media connections and each employee’s LinkedIn profile.

Emails – When available have access to the professional’s email address vs their personal address.

Data mining for leads

Research, Extract, Load, and Transform

Converting findings into actionable insights and leads into customers requires diligent analysis based on buyer personas. A dedicated account manager can curate optimal leads for direct delivery to your sales or marketing team on a monthly or weekly basis.

  • Incoming visitor data is captured from your website and paired with our database.
  • We analyze your market and buyer persona to extract your optimal leads.
  • Your data is sent right to you or uploaded into your CRM.

Improve sales performance

What’s included?

  • IGM Set-up of Account
  • Connection to Google Analytics
  • Account Management
  • User Analytics Dashboard with Data Export Capabilities

Additional Options:
  • Research of Potential Leads and Data Collection
  • Reporting to Your Sales or Marketing Team

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