Engage a community of professionals and improve your lead quality. 

Looking for a new channel to find traffic, leads, and customers?

LinkedIn might be the perfect place to look. It has evolved into much more than just a professional networking platform. Not only do today’s marketers use LinkedIn to build professional connections and post vacancies, but they also use it to look for content that helps them upgrade their marketing tactics and stay up to speed with the latest industry trends.

Without careful planning, social media can sometimes feel like shouting into the void. By using LinkedIn ads, you can guarantee your brand’s voice reaches the right audience. Reach an audience of influential decision-makers and experience a boost in your conversion rates.

Content is Key

IGM can create powerful branded content for your business. Our staff can provide white papers, videos, articles, case studies, and more. Allow our team to create tailor-made content or use your own ready-made content to push audiences to your LinkedIn landing page while capturing their contact information.

Build Your Audience

Target your ideal customer based on traits like their job title, company name, and industry. We can target a business based on connections, followers, industry, name, and/or size. Specify members’ job functions, seniority levels, titles, skills, and/or years of experience. Be specific with a city or metropolitan area or go broader with a state or country.

Generate Leads

Our data collection and reporting are provided in a unique dashboard application, allowing you to view your success anytime, quickly, and easily. Do you have a CRM? We can funnel your leads right from LinkedIn into your CRM.

Drive Innovation

Engaging your audience by using advanced interactive Pay-Per-Click strategies that will help differentiate your company and stimulate customer acquisition. We can help you decide what content you need and how best to present it to attract a quality audience and grow your business. Through a series of ad campaigns, we will engage potential new customers based on specific demographics. Our program will increase engagement with companies specific to the verticals your sales team has targeted.

We provide a solid strategy using LinkedIn applications.

Here are some of the ways we empower you to stay ahead of the competition and become pioneers in the industry. Our LinkedIn ads run in a three-phase approach using awareness ads, sponsored ads, and retargeting. Let us walk you through the various phases and proven results.

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